When it comes to the exterior of your home, there are many decisions that need to be made. The most important decision is what type of door you will install in each opening and entrance. We sell a special kind of residential bifold doors and commercial bifold doors in a variety of designs and colors.

Woodfold’s bifold doors are composed of more than two panels, opening & closing more like “accordions.” In this blog post, we’ll discuss some benefits to installing a Woodfold bifold door in your home (such as the Woodfold 220) or business.

What are bifold doors?

Bifold doors, also known as accordion or bi-folding doors, consist of two large panels that can be folded back and forth on a hinge to provide privacy for an opening in your home or commercial space. These types of door come in several different styles including those made from wood, steel, fiberglass composite materials such as hardboard siding material (which has the look and feel of traditional cedar shingle) and vinyl laminates which mimic any type of wood species you could imagine. By folding out completely in an instant, they provide easy privacy and natural temperature regulation.

Are bifold doors a good idea?

Yes, bifold doors are an excellent idea. Here are some ways they’re useful:

1. Bifold doors are a great way to add style and functionality to your home. They are excellent at saving space, always a must-address challenge when it comes to the interior of your home. You can install them on any opening or entrance you want with ease!

Woodfold 220

2. They can be used in any room, from closet, to the kitchen, to the bedroom, and even commercial conference rooms. In any of these areas, they can serve as temporary and permanent dividers, and even natural insulators.

3. The design of bifold doors is versatile – they can be made out of wood or metal. The choice between wood and metal makes accordion doors suitable for a variety of applications such as :

– soundproofing;

– privacy and security;

– room dividers in the office, school or retail space.

What’s more, they are easy to clean and maintain!

4. Bifold doors come with many different features. Some function as see-through screens, and others are used for security & privacy, even to keep out prying eyes in commercial areas.

For further privacy, accordion doors also offer security locks.

5. You’ll find that bifold doors are easy to clean and maintain because they’re designed and manufactured in the USA for durability.

6. Woodfold bifold doors come in many hardwood and vinyl laminate finishes to suit your style. From a classic woodgrain style such as oak to a clean modern color, or even a custom-printed mural of your own design, you’ll have something which will enhance the beauty of your space while also providing function for privacy and security.

7. Woodfold doors can be customized to suit an opening of any size, and some can even be customized for mounting on curved tracks.

Each of the functions described will help meet a specific need – whether it’s insulation against noise pollution or protection from prying eyes, so confidential information stays safe and secure behind closed doors. Specialty Doors Woodfold can customize your accordion door order to your liking. Whether you’re looking to create an office space, soundproof the home theater or provide privacy in your bedroom, we have the perfect door for you!